The Team

The team

Our team is a carefully selected, skilled and passionate team.

We all work every day allowing consistency for the children and we all play a big part in ensuring that Hopscotch is the best place for children to be. The team are always bursting with new ideas of how to make children’s day of learning fun and exciting.


Nursery Owner - Level 3 - First Aid Trained - Safeguarding Lead

I have been able to fulfil this dream of mine by having an amazing team of practitioners that are so passionate about their day to day role. We are always looking of ways in which we can improve our provision but It has been amazing to see so many children and their families  leave happy and ready for school and every year we feel proud of all the things children have achieved with us. 

Nursery Manager - Level 6 - First Aid Trained - Safeguarding Lead

Hello! I've been working at Hopscotch since 2014, initially looking after the preschool children. I qualified in 2006 gaining my NVQ level 3 and years later went onto graduate gaining a degree in Early Years Education in 2014 from Bath Spa University. I love my job, every day is different and you gain a real sense of achievement working alongside such brilliant minds, which are continuously developing. I feel we are privileged to be a part of this and it’s important for me and the rest of the team to use this opportunity to help them develop to reach their full potential in life. Studies have shown that through helping children develop their self-confidence and self-esteem early on, they gain higher achievements later on in life.

Senior Early Years Practitioner - Level 3 - First Aid Trained

Hello! I have been working at Hopscotch since 2011 and I am so happy here! I have a real passion for working with children and enjoy following the children's lead in exploring our imaginations and creativity (unleashing the child within me).
The children become part of such a wonderful family and I feel privileged to be a part of it. I really do feel that I have the best job in the world!

Nursery Assistant - Toddlers/Rising 3's - First Aid Trained - Training towards her level 3

Hello! I would like to further my career in childcare because I would like to help the children develop. I love having fun with them and watching their personalities shine as they become more confident. 

Em Ish
Deputy Manager - Preschool - Level 3 - First Aid Trained - Safeguarding Lead

Before Hopscotch, I was working as a qualified full time Norland Nanny in London for the last 10 years. Since then I have travelled to work as a Nanny in Abu Dhabi and the Cayman Islands. I have always enjoyed working with children and find them such a joy to be around. Hopscotch is lovely Nursery to work in and I feel very privileged to work amongst such lovely girls.

Senior Early Years Practitioner - Preschool - Level 3 - First Aid Trained

Hi, my name is Jo.  Working with children runs in my family – as far back as my great-Nan! I believe that it is a real privilege to be involved in a child’s early years and that we, as practitioners, have a responsibility to begin that process of giving every individual child the confidence and belief that they can be anything they want to be, and doing anything they want to do.

At home I am kept busy by my young dog, cat and regularly caring for my baby niece and 3 year old nephew, but when I get the chance I love doing arts and crafts, being outdoors and reading.

Sara Woolway
Senior Early Years Practitioner - Toddlers/Rising 3's – Level 3 - First Aid Trained

I have a natural warm caring personality with a love of developing children's minds through play. I am as happy in the mud kitchen as I am reading stories, getting dressed up as a pirate, drinking pretend cups of tea, cooking cakes, building dens or getting covered in paint, glue or glitter! I love to get creative with the children, making lots of things allowing them to explore lots of different media, explore their imagination and follow their own ideas. Working in Early Years, your days are always fun, each one is different and very rewarding, that's why I love what I do! I'm always looking for new and fun ideas that will engage the children and their interests and make each day a valuable learning experience.

Emily Willis
Em Willis
Nursery Assistant - Babies - First Aid Trained

Hey. I am a mother of three and have always had a passion for working with children. I am currently doing an apprenticeship working towards a NVQ level 3. I am very much looking forward to learning more about children’s development and seeing them achieve their miles stones in their early stages of life.

Early Years Practitioner - Level 3 qualified

‘Hi! I'm Claire and Mum to two lovely and energetic boys (turning 1&3 next month). I have lived in Bath with my husband for 7 years and really enjoy this beautiful city. I've always loved working with children and have done this in a variety of ways from a young age. I grew up in a very musical family and enjoy singing and in the past, have enjoyed different dance classes, although now my exercise mostly revolves around chasing children. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone at Hopscotch!’

Nursery Assistant - Rising 3's - Training towards her level 3

After looking after my two little cousins I decided I wanted to go into childcare. I am currently doing an apprenticeship in my Level 3 and I love it and cannot wait until I’m qualified and I can expand my knowledge and understanding even further.