Pre School

Pre School

Our main aim for Hopscotch Preschool is to ensure all our Preschoolers’ have a fun filled year and are more than ready for their transition to school.

It is important to us that you as parents understand our aims in supporting your child to reach their achievements for this following year and make many friends along the way. We allow the children to create new friendships independently by providing many free play opportunities throughout the day. 

Building up their confidence throughout preschool, helping them to understand boundaries and social expectations amongst others, is hugely important in order for them to create new friends and thus grow in confidence. This in the long run, means they're more likely to accomplish higher achievements academically. With self-confidence, children are more likely to 'have a go' and tend to have a more 'daring' attitude towards new and unfamiliar situations, such as starting school.

Our highly-experienced practitioners help to build an invisible scaffolding around your child, which enables them to establish and build their independence. Our primary aim is to encourage children to feel confident, happy and content in their abilities, enabling them to be ready for “big school”.

Each day will be different as it will be led by your child’s interest. We will always try to follow your child’s lead in order to extend their imagination and help them gain the most they can from every situation. Through this, we will be challenging their thought process by engaging them in new experiences to encourage further learning. This may range from dinosaurs, to aeroplanes, to planting our own vegetables or our latest venture, creating a snack café of which we hope you can visit one day!

Some of you may have noticed our ‘special helper’ signs on the door. This is for you to acknowledge when it’s your child’s special day to help us and their friends. This role involves cutting up fruit, serving the dinner, choosing stories and songs throughout the day and any other help they can think of!

One of our main aims throughout this year is to promote your child’s independence in every aspect of preschool life. This will be through everyday tasks where they are given more freedom and choice and their voice is heard, such as: Cleaning our teeth; Washing our faces; Cutting up fruit for our daily snack; Leading the activities; Everyday problem solving; Using a knife and folk; Pouring our own drinks; Dressing ourselves independently; Wiping ourselves correctly after the toilet: and many more day to day tasks!

While our prime goal is promoting self-confidence and independence, we do also prioritise preparing them a little for the academic side of school, for example giving them a head start on phonics! This involves not only recognising but forming some letters such as their name. We also involve numbers and shapes in our everyday activities, for example the days’ date, learning the days of the week and looking at numbers beyond 10.

Hopscotch has recently created an outdoor mud kitchen in our sheltered area which is accessible all year round. This area involves mud, water, sand, pots, pans, cooking utensils where they can explore role play, mixing, making mud pies and measuring, extending their maths skills. This is an invaluable experience for many children as it is something they don’t always experience and we all know children love the freedom of becoming messy! It opens up a whole natural learning environment through play, which we consider to be a key aspect of learning. Due to this, we please ask all children have a pair of wellies and appropriate attire for messy outdoor play. These messy play experiences will also continue indoors so please consider the clothing your child wears during a Preschool day! The children have decorated their own ‘messy play t-shirts’ to wear during mucky activities, however as you know glitter, paint and glue can get everywhere!

To make our pre-school unique and exciting, we aim to provide a large range of opportunities in and out of nursery. these include;


The children often take a trip to the library, catching the bus down into town to read some stories. During the festive season we like to visit the Bath Abbey on our way to listen to some carol singers rehearsing!

Local Community trips

The children like to take trips to the local cafe or shop to learn about money exchange and enjoy a treat! We also visit our friends at the allotment to learn all about healthy eating and preparing healthy meals as well as take a trip to the park to have fun!


Katy comes in once a week to introduce children to the foundations of Spanish.

Rugby Tots

Paul comes in once a week, no matter what the weather to teach the children rugby, stimulating their physical skills. 

Kiddley Divey

Every Tuesday morning we have ‘Kiddley Divey’ with Alyson Jabelman, who encourages the children to partake in music and movement! She is highly experienced at creating original and creative movement sessions that support the EYFS framework, but also gives the children the chance to express ideas, therefore developing self-confidence and social skills in a fun, nurturing and engaging environment.

Hopscotch celebrations

Here at Hopscotch we hold annual parties including; a Summer BBQ also known as our Pre-school Graduation and a fun and exciting nativity followed by a visit from Father Christmas!

Check out our Events page for further details!

Whether you’re looking for full time care or just pre-school sessions, we aim to provide something convenient for everyone and with that, our sessions are flexible but reasonably priced.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call to ask us any more questions you may have.