Hopscotch Ofsted Report


Hopscotch Nursery and Preschool in Bath recently had a visit from Ofsted! On the 9th November 2016 we were inspected for the day and received lovely feedback from the inspector who was pleased with our level of care, as she commented, ‘they work closely to meet children's care, development and learning needs.' We received positive feedback with regards to our staff, as well as how well behaved all our children are, as the inspector observed 'Staff are positive role models for children. They employ a range of strategies to manage children's behaviour successfully. Children's behaviour is good. Fortunately we have such brilliant children who helped us achieve our outcome as the inspector commented 'Children are kind, considerate and caring towards younger children'. We owe this to the dedication from all our staff members who work hard to ensure children are happy within our care, as the inspector noted, 'Children settle quickly, are happy and confident, and feel safe and secure in a nurturing and calm environment.' She observed us throughout the day, watching all the girls work hard as they care for the children and provide stimulating activities to help them learn. The inspector commented, 'Staff support children to develop good independence skills' showing our strong efforts to help children learn and develop whilst in our care, as well as most importantly have fun!

All quotes are taken from our Ofsted report, which you can find on our Hopscotch notice board and online if you wish to read it in more depth: